Finishes and Enhancements


As in making premium fine wines, the finish is critical. CosmoGraphics LTD. provides you quality post print finishes on your labels for a premium appearance, durability, and resilience, using gloss, or matte varnishes. These applications increase durability, shelf appeal and salability of your products. In conjunction with our finish processes, we offer you U.V. or aqueous coatings, for anti-scuffing on-rolls. Our wine and spirits clients have seen the benefits in particular, of our spot varnish applications. We offer a variety of other label enhancements as well.


• Embossing, creating three dimensional aspects on your label, using ‘blind’, special application or reverse embossing.

• Foiling, using matte or shiny foils of gold, silver, copper, or other color foils, we can create striking details and accents on your labels, thus increasing your products’ attraction on the shelf.

• Die Cutting, producing a decorative edge on your label, on one or more sides of the label. We can also die cut the label in a particular shape, or two part labels for you, resulting in another identifying aspect for your product.

• Lamination, using different paper stocks or film substrates to develop a unique look on your labels, especially for wine and spirits.

• Spot Varnish, using gloss or matte varnishes to enhance specific design features on your labels.

• Thermo Chromatic Inks; as the name indicates the inks are temperature sensitive. They allow for attention getting color image and text highlights on your label design aspects at predetermined temperatures. We can also use these inks to create an image that ‘appears’ or ‘disappears’ at a specific temperature. Our specialization in the wine and spirits industries label printing has brought this very innovative and creative use of thermo chromatic inks to the forefront of our expertise to produce a truly unique label and identity to your products on the shelf.

We’ll help you put the right finish on your labels for the right image on your products.